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At Renown Weight Loss, we understand the physical and emotional challenges of maintaining a healthy weight, which is why we offer personalized, safe, and effective weight loss plans designed to empower our clients to improve their lives by improving their health & wellness. We take a holistic approach, combining exceptional client care, cutting-edge facilities, and dedicated support to help you shed unwanted pounds and reduce the risk of future health complications like heart disease, joint pain, diabetes, and more.

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Our Approach to Weight Loss

Our provider’s philosophy of health and our approach to weight loss is guided by the following principles:

  • Knowledge: The keys to effective and sustained weight loss is expert medical knowledge* and strategically designed programs.

  • Encouragement: Our clients are encouraged by experiencing substantial & ongoing changes in their weight & lifestyle daily.

  • Commitment: Breaking the cycle of yo-yo dieting & burnout takes encouragement, commitment to a program, & a supportive team.

  • Non-Surgical: We are committed to helping every single client experience remarkable change without the use of surgery.

  • Maintenance: We are committed to helping every single client keep off the weight they lose with strategic post-protocols.

Medically-Supervised Weight Loss Programs

Michelle Newton, APRN, FNP-C

Renown Weight Loss LLC is a retail weight loss center and outsources clinical services to a contracted third-party provider, God Given Healing LLC, with Michelle Newton, FNP as the primary healthcare provider. Supervision is provided by physician Russell Skinner, MD. Clients are given contact information for the provider to schedule visits, address clinical questions, and discuss any necessary healthcare issues.

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